Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund

Our Mission is to provide assistance to the members of the Rhode Island National Guard and their families coping with unusual or unpreventable hardships. These citizen soldiers and airmen are part of a long line of those Americans and Rhode Islanders who have been willing to lay aside their civilian careers and leave their families when called upon by their state and nation. They are the heirs to the Minutemen who stood on the greens at Lexington and Concord in 1775 and will always be ready to answer any call in the future to secure the lives and property of the citizens of this great state and our nation. We hope that you enjoy our site and share our appreciation and gratitude for the men and women of the Rhode Island National Guard and their families that serve our country everyday and allow us to maintain our freedom and way of life.


The Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund (SARF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in 1997. We are the only nonprofit organization in our state that directly supports the members of the Rhode Island National Guard. Our funding for the program comes from their fellow guardsmen (active NGARI members) and individual/business donations. We do not receive any assistance from the state or federal government to operate, nor are we a part of any government-funded compensation program. Throughout the State of Rhode Island, Army and Air Guardsmen are called to mobilization duty for our country, for state duty for natural disasters, and other required duties.

In the absence of their Soldier or Airman, families are dealing with the challenging issues of day-to-day life. Their concerns are many, and sometimes they need assistance.

The Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund provides emergency aid to our Guard families in financial crisis. Like other families, sometimes our Soldiers and Airmen suffer job loss, illness, unexpected expenses, or disasters which place them in financial need. Our Fund helps them through difficult times.

In the Guard, need assistance? If you are a current member of the Rhode Island National Guard and require assistance, click on the following link for more information:

Download Application

Grant Criteria:

Any current or retired member in good standing of the Rhode Island National Guard and their immediate family (spouse and/or children) are eligible for consideration.

The Committee will consider requests for Emergency Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Transportation emergencies caused by Natural Disasters or Acts of God. Medical bills (not drug related) which exceed insurance limits and burial expenses for indigent former members.

The Committee can authorize up to $500 by majority vote. Financial Assistance will be in the form of a grant to be paid to the individual.

Use this form or a letter of request explaining the nature of the emergency and send it to NGARI Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund.

Mail to:

National Guard Association of Rhode Island

ATTN: Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund

1 Hercules Drive

North Kingstown, RI 02852

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