Other Committees


The mission of the membership committee is to increase and maintain membership in the National Guard Association of Rhode Island and the National Guard Association of the United States. Coordinate with the Executive Council in providing information to members and potential members. The membership committee will report to the Executive Council quarterly as to current membership status in each association. It will also provide an annual report as to membership status at the NGARI annual business meeting. This Committee will usually meet at a centrally located  restaurant (Warwick/Cranston) to discuss and implement plans to improve our membership. We are always looking for new members and it's an excellent opportunity for Company Grade Officers to meet their fellow guardsman in a relaxed atmosphere.

BG (Ret.)  Jay Waller (Chair) 


The Finance Committee shall be responsible for preparing and submitting the Annual Budget and for the orderly and efficient administrative operation of the insurance program or any other revenue producing programs for the Association. This Committee meets at least quarterly, meetings are scheduled by the Chairman. If you have an accounting/finance background, contact the Chairman about joining the Committee.

Maj Ryan Nelson (Chair)


The Legislative Committee consists of a minimum of three members of the Association appointed by the President. The Committee on Legislation shall prepare, request the introduction of, and support legislation required to implement the policies of the Association; provide members and committees of the General Assembly of the Rhode Island Legislature with information regarding the Army and Air National Guard; monitor and oppose legislation detrimental to the purpose of the Association; develop and recommend to the Executive Council the legislative policy of the Association; and will work closely with the Executive Director in planning and scheduling legislative briefings throughout the state.

LTC Mike Manning(Chair)


The Resolution Committee will consider all resolutions, which are submitted to the Association and report to the same Association with its recommendations. This committee will meet three times a year at scheduled Executive Committee meetings and any other meetings as needed called by committee chair. This committee will report to the Executive Committee.

LTC Richard Taito (Chair)


The Scholarship Committee will screen, evaluate and select from the applicants, those students who have demonstrated scholarship and citizenship. The Committee will evaluate the program and make recommendations to the Finance and Executive Committees as to the number, amount and distribution of the scholarships. This Committee will meet three times a year at scheduled Executive Committee meetings and a separate meeting to select scholarship recipients. If you have an academic background and interested in reviewing scholarship packages, contact the Chairman.

BG (Ret.) James Dagostino (Chair)

Soldiers and Airmen

The Soldiers and Airmen Relief Fund Committee screen, evaluate and select from the applicants, guardsman who have demonstrated  a true need for Emergency Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Transportation emergencies caused by Natural Disasters or Acts of God. If you are interested in joining this Committee and work/live in the Quonset area, contact the Chairman.

COL Robert Germani (Chair)