Executive Committee

The NGARI is governed by the Executive Committee that is comprised of 11 members and the primary contact for NGARI is the Executive Director.

LTC Ellis Hopkins

Lt Col Chris Allen

COL Denis Reil

1st Vice President
LTC Michael Manning

2nd Vice President
Maj Chris Peloso

MAJ L. Darren Sorensen

Past President
CPT Russell Donahue

CPT Daniel Isenbergh

1LT Megan Burmeister

CPT Mike Calcagni

CPT Ryan Nelson

Officer At Large
Col (Ret) Robert Germani

BG Jay Waller

Retired Air Representative
BG Jay Waller

Tom Shortall

Retired Army Representative
Tom Shortall

Deborah Donahue

Executive Director
Kate Zaccaria

1LT Mike Ciacciarelli

Company Grade Air Representative
1LT Mike Ciacciarelli

CPT Russell Donahue

Company Grade Army Representative
OC John Nasuti

Deborah Donahue

Col (Ret) Michael Fitzpatrick